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Negotiation And Conflict Resolution Program

Negotiation And conflict Resolution Program

The negotiation process Occupies a substantial position in of our lives because the relationship with the other governed by Tri following :

Agreement difference conflict :

In the circumstances of difference and conflict  we can play role in resolving disputes by different techniques, including mediation

The goal of the program :

Raise the efficiency of workers who want to work in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution, by providing them with the theoretical underpinnings and practical training to be able to possess the negotiation and conflict resolution skills through :

Expand and deepen the knowledge of the techniques of negotiation and the ability to set goals, and the acquisition of the management of all phases of negotiation and conflict resolution skills, and training to create a climate of confidence to achieve the objectives of negotiating and resolving the dispute, deepening the understanding and the ability to identify strategies for the opponent and the use of appropriate tactics

This course constitutes a real opportunity to own professionalism skills in negotiation and conflict resolution

Certificate issued by the London International Academy