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Course in Crisis And Disaster Management

Course  in Crisis And Disaster Management

The use of scientific methods in the face of crises and disasters is not only an urgent need to achieve positive results in dealing with them, but also is a need to avoid the devastating consequences

Purpose and Objectives

Raise the efficiency of workers who want to work in the field of crisis and disaster management by providing them with the theoretical underpinnings and practical training to be able to manage  crisis and disaster through :

Expand and deepen the knowledge of the functions and tasks of crisis and disaster management.

Principles for dealing with crises, and strategies to overcome them.

Acquire Contact management skills with the media in crisis situations.

Training on the configuration and  preparation of the crisis management team, and the stages of his work.

Deepen the understanding of patterns and tools of  international crises and disaster management.

Identify the scientific method of industrial crises.

Crisis and disaster management scenarios, and procedures to prevent them.

The study of a number of crises and disasters and  find ways to manage it.

Doing  applications and practical training to face crises and disasters.

Program content:

General concepts, and theoretical foundations for the crises and disasters  management

Principles for dealing with crises, and strategies to overcome them.

Formation of crisis management team and work in crisis management center

Types of crisis, and the scientific method to explorations / patterns of International Crisis

 International Crisis industrial disaster management

Phases of crisis management, and procedures for the prevention of crises

Training on the work of the Spokesman (media spokesman)

Applications in managing the connection with the media in crises

Training on virtual crises management

Training on a contingency plan for the management of a virtual disaster.

This session constitutes a real opportunity to acquire professional skills in crisis and disaster management