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Diploma in International Affairs and Diplomacy

Diploma in international affairs and diplomacy

Diploma in international affairs and diplomacy :

The first course and training in the Arab region

A group of teachers and experts in the field of political science, international relations and diplomacy.

The goal of the program :

qualifying specialist cadres academically and professionally, in the field of international affairs and diplomacy,to be able to performe its functions, in governmental ministries and embassies, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations, according to contemporary scientific theories in International Relations and Political Science, and modern methods of work in the diplomatic and consular work.

Diploma program content :

Diplomatic and political content:

The program focuses on courses that cover  various aspects of the political and diplomatic work, especially theories of foreign policy, the art of contemporary diplomacy, science of comparative politics, geo Politics, Public external policyof different parties, the art of negotiation and conflict resolution.

International law and international organizations  the axle of :

The program pays special attention to international law and international organizations, with emphasis on courses that cover different  aspects in this field, espically private international law, international organizations, and constitutional law and political systems,

And the law of armed conflict resolution, international criminal law and international treaties.

the axle of Administrative and economic:

The program is keen to cover several Study materials

including: public administration science - the science of economics and theories and factors influencing  the

International decision-making.

Media and communication axle:

Due to the growing importance of the media and mass communication in diplomatic work within the activities of international organizations, the  program covers various courses, which provide the student with the communication and media skills, most notably: (communication skills - Presentation -skills of communication with the media (Spokesman) - skills of editing the diplomatic and media writings

skills of  public relations and communication management in crises , and public diplomac and the managment of state reputation), in addition to the subject of  Protocol and ceremony .

The program is intended for those wishing to work in:

Work in governmental  and non-governmental international organizations.

Diplomatic work in the foreign ministries and international organizations.

Develop their knowledge and skills in the field of international relations and political science.

Work in the media field (submission television political talk show).

Target in detail:

Managers working in the governmental and non-governmental international organizations.

Staff at the State Department, embassies and consulates.

Wishing to join the political and diplomatic work.

Heads and members of political parties.

Members of Parliament who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in the political sphere.

Wishing to occupy leadership positions in the political sphere and senior management.


the graduate is given certificate issued by the London International Academy.

Duration of the study:

The study continues  in  Diploma one  academic year.

Materials and courses:

  • Principles of Political Science
  • international law
  • International organizations and economic blocs
  • Diplomatic and Consular Law
  • International Relations
  • Constitutional law and political systems
  • Contemporary art of diplomacy
  • Parties theory (Arabic - European – US(
  • Human Rights -in Peace and Armed Conflict time
  • Settlement of international disputes
  • The art of negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution
  • Factors influencing the international decision-making
  • UN Security Theory
  • Ceremony and protocol and rules of upscale behavior
  • International penal law
  • International treaties
  • Arab, regional and international relations
  • Intelligence and Homeland Security
  • International scope / sailor rivers, space, and environment
  • Geo-political
  • NGOs and civil society
  • Contemporary international issues(Clash of Civilizations, Terrorism
  • Simulation of the Security Council and practical issues
  • International Affairs

The joining fee for a diploma include :

Provide the student with a bag of study.

Fees of supervision and monitoring by specialists professors .

Fees of certificate which issued by the London International Academy.