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Course and Programme Spokesman

media spokesman and the best ways to appear in the media The media became the first undisputed power because of its enormous ability to shape and guide public opinion and its ability to influence the hearts and minds of the masses. After that the need imposing the presence of official media speakers representing their institutions to provide information and to communicate with traditional and new media in order to satisfy the needs of the masses to become the organization's window to her fans. Spokesman or the so-called official spokesman or media spokesman is one of the most important and the most prominent means of delivering the organizations news to the media, which impose these institutions and various sectors to work hard to build an integrated system of effective media relations and ensuring the highest transparency and accuracy of the information through the best practice standards in the field of communication ,and because the relevant relationship between the media spokesman and the official statement here comes the importance and the ability of the official spokesman or media spokesman on editing and drafting press releases that provide the media with information